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It feels absolutely horrible to be pissed off at a friend when he did the right thing, even though it's detrimental to me...well not seriously...
Logically I know it was a completely justified decision, and the right one to make,, but emotionally, I so wanted to rage so hard at that point...even with the logic....and it makes me sad that I felt so...unjust anger sigh...

At least I managed not to react, but truth be told, that incident ruined the entire day for least I can crawl into my corner at home and emo alone and recover...and not hurt anyone else by mistake...also I'm not going to write what incident happened; some can probably guess what it was though...

Just needed to write something for that I can get my focus back on school and tutorials...

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*pats Xak*
I have never really been in such a situation, and I don't really know what happened... but what I know is that if you actually type what happened and let it out more in here, it would feel better. Of course I am not telling you to post it out to the public, but even if it's just a private post, it helps in some way.

I was really angry with someone once, and though no one commented on my journal entry about the incident, after telling a friend and when he said that he agreed with me, it made me feel quite a lot better because I knew that I was not alone.
Well... just telling you.
Get better soon. I know the emo feeling isn't nice (and can be quite disconcerting), especially when it's caused by relationships with others. :|

Well it's ok now actually...I just wanted to write that down...I'm fine now...thanks XD

You're welco-
But wait, it's n-not like it was my intention to cheer you u-up anyway. >.>
(Hehe. XD)

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