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Life of Nototard

Occupation: Watcher of Anime

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Article on CS Curriculum
My CS1101S lecturer from 2 years back just sent out a Christmas greeting to his students, and included a very good article about what is being taught to us CS students...I find that the article echoes what I thought about what I learn in uni, which is that we don't learn that much practical programming, just concepts that aren't always applicable or useful...which is why I really treasure the experience I got in PayPal during internship, as well as the temp job I had at Singtel a couple of years back...the article affirms my belief and intent to continue to look for temp jobs during the hols to gain practical experience...though I am leaning towards PayPal now ^_^
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haha in some sense i am REALLY otaku; i spend more time watching anime than discussing it in blog posts or even tweets

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