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Life of Nototard

Occupation: Watcher of Anime

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Article on CS Curriculum
My CS1101S lecturer from 2 years back just sent out a Christmas greeting to his students, and included a very good article about what is being taught to us CS students...I find that the article echoes what I thought about what I learn in uni, which is that we don't learn that much practical programming, just concepts that aren't always applicable or useful...which is why I really treasure the experience I got in PayPal during internship, as well as the temp job I had at Singtel a couple of years back...the article affirms my belief and intent to continue to look for temp jobs during the hols to gain practical experience...though I am leaning towards PayPal now ^_^
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Oooh, I didn't know you did internship in PayPal. o.o
It's good that you got good experiences though. Hope that they'll accept you again when you want to return~! o/

And btw, is there anything bad happening at your side? I've noticed that you rarely update FB/Twitter nowadays. :\

last time cuz of internship was at the com more often, so more updates on FB and twitter...now hardly FB liao, and twitter...well nothing much happening to tweet about either, just slacking while waiting for school to start again...

Ah, so that's why.
I thought maybe something quite depressing(?) happened to you, so truthfully, I did get worried from time to time. XD
(Was actually planning to ask you this sometime ago)

haha in some sense i am REALLY otaku; i spend more time watching anime than discussing it in blog posts or even tweets

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