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Japan Trip and School - Priorities
came to a rather sober and depressing realisation recently...after looking at my bank account, i realise that in order for Japan 2010 plans to go through, i'd need to work during school term as well as during the hols...working during the hols would only make enuf for travel expenditure, so the trip would be kinda wasted at that...not to mention there are other stuff i'd want to buy that'd eat into those funds...

then looking at the modules i've taken so far, and the modules i need to take from here on, i've realised that the elective modules are just gonna get harder; most probably not gonna be able to slack my way through like i've done so far...not to mention a japanese studies minor would just about definitely have me retaining an extra sem, so i have to think twice about it...might just go for lang modules to fill up my electives...

harder modules means more time needed to be spent on studying, which means working part-time might not be the best idea...which means...i'm postponing any trip to japan until i grad and get a's just not really worth it until then...unless i get some sponsorship, which is unlikely...kusu kusu T_T

saddest part of this decision is that i'd probably miss a chance to meet people from overseas like AJ and astrobunny...

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Try playing 4D or some shit, maybe kena jackpot then no need baito liao

lol dun believe in spending on stuff like that...luck is not with me XD

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