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Otacool 2 Controversy
Just read a couple of posts with regards to the controversy over photography credit for Otacool 2, and rather than getting struck by the argument(s) being put forth, the first thing that strikes me is about the "cleverly hidden fine print for the T&C of submission".

Seriously, it looks as if all the photographers are reading fine print for the first time in their lives! Probably because its related to their egos, I guess. Photogs, understand one thing: TOTALLY STANDARD T&C for a competition. If you've never submitted an entry for a competition, or even a lucky draw, and never read the T&Cs for those, OF COURSE you will be shocked. Grow up, this is reality: Corporations exist to make a buck. Why would Kotobukya make such a book if they think it wouldn't make money for them? You think this is somebody's hobby? Duh no. Besides, it's not as if the fine print were MISSING; that'd be unethical indeed. Heck, the fine print wasn't even in fine print, and was in a quote too! IMO that makes it more visible, not less. It was a fair warning; too bad you people didn't really read it. You want you can blame the cosplayers for submitting without reading the fine print. That'd cause another awesome controversy to entertain the trolls in the wee hours of the night.

Lets turn the viewpoint around and look at things from the corporate side. Lets imagine if Kotobukiya DIDN'T have that clause. Remember the announcement of the cover? Kotobukiya would have to contact EACH AND EVERY PERSON on that cover and get their agreement to allow their picture to be published as part of the cover AND as promotion for the book in the post revealing the cover. Imagine how much time that will take; from all over the world mind you. And not everybody checks their mail everyday too. We'd probably be only seeing the cover around Chinese New Year. And the book would probably be done just in time for an AFA 2010 launch or something. Fine, so this is an extreme exaggeration. The point still stands: it would just take too long to get the book done, and for a company, time IS money too.

And honestly, all I can see from this issue is a whole bunch of late self-centered bitching over egos not getting massaged. Yeah that's right, I think the only reason this issue comes up is because the photogs are hurt and whimpering that they can't get their name in a publication with such a high profile. Yeah so what? Live with it.

Hmmm I just checked out something on Quote: "本サービスにアップロードされた画像・テキストの著作権は弊社が所有いたします。" which says that the copyright of all uploaded text and images belong to the company. HMMMMMMMmmmm.

Ok tl;dr over, rant's over, we now return you to our original programming.

It feels absolutely horrible to be pissed off at a friend when he did the right thing, even though it's detrimental to me...well not seriously...
Logically I know it was a completely justified decision, and the right one to make,, but emotionally, I so wanted to rage so hard at that point...even with the logic....and it makes me sad that I felt so...unjust anger sigh...

At least I managed not to react, but truth be told, that incident ruined the entire day for least I can crawl into my corner at home and emo alone and recover...and not hurt anyone else by mistake...also I'm not going to write what incident happened; some can probably guess what it was though...

Just needed to write something for that I can get my focus back on school and tutorials...

Article on CS Curriculum
My CS1101S lecturer from 2 years back just sent out a Christmas greeting to his students, and included a very good article about what is being taught to us CS students...I find that the article echoes what I thought about what I learn in uni, which is that we don't learn that much practical programming, just concepts that aren't always applicable or useful...which is why I really treasure the experience I got in PayPal during internship, as well as the temp job I had at Singtel a couple of years back...the article affirms my belief and intent to continue to look for temp jobs during the hols to gain practical experience...though I am leaning towards PayPal now ^_^
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Japan Trip and School - Priorities
came to a rather sober and depressing realisation recently...after looking at my bank account, i realise that in order for Japan 2010 plans to go through, i'd need to work during school term as well as during the hols...working during the hols would only make enuf for travel expenditure, so the trip would be kinda wasted at that...not to mention there are other stuff i'd want to buy that'd eat into those funds...

then looking at the modules i've taken so far, and the modules i need to take from here on, i've realised that the elective modules are just gonna get harder; most probably not gonna be able to slack my way through like i've done so far...not to mention a japanese studies minor would just about definitely have me retaining an extra sem, so i have to think twice about it...might just go for lang modules to fill up my electives...

harder modules means more time needed to be spent on studying, which means working part-time might not be the best idea...which means...i'm postponing any trip to japan until i grad and get a's just not really worth it until then...unless i get some sponsorship, which is unlikely...kusu kusu T_T

saddest part of this decision is that i'd probably miss a chance to meet people from overseas like AJ and astrobunny...

Awesome Quote of the Day.
Came across this on an IT forum in somebody's signature.

"C++ : Where friends have access to your private members." — Gavin Russell Baker.

Epic Truth.

Flowering Night 2009
Just finished watching the Cool & Create portion of Flowering Night 2009.. the medley was awesomely system seems better too...
as usual, sang along to Help me, ERINNNNNN!!, even though my tummy's still aching from the food poisoning...
and the thought of Mario cosplaying as Marisa is, as あまね said so succinctly, キモチワルイ~
and this piano version of Thank You 感謝! is really REALLY awesome...
and now i'm wondering how it was at animelo when ビートマリオ sang Help me, ERINNNNNN!!...


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